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Supernatural MPREG Big Bang entry for the wonderful Nileflood.

I. Er. Didn't really intend to go quite so girl's manga with this. Really. I'm not sure what happened beyond Dean looks adorable with kids and my Japanese sucks.


SPN Plot

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All hail the glow cloud the annual If Y'all Are Looking for Me, I'm Tumblr User themothandthestars Post.

No, seriously. Tumblr. Because big bangs and shit tend to be posted here, and I don't want anyone to see a mostly dead blog.

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Yeah, so. Moving. It's becoming a thing. We're busy discussing what we're keeping and what we're selling, as far as big furniture. Cause no one wants to drive a U-Haul across country.

We're very loosely settled on La Junta, Colorado. (and my brain is stuck somewhere between ponyponyponyPONY and I'm never gonna see Ohio again...)
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So, there is talk of moving being tossed around. As in, before the year is out, maybe. And Hagerstown is a top contender.

I can't. Gah. No.

I'm sort of feeling Austin (or Flagstaff) or bust right now. But that's really unlikely to matter-somehow I see it being Hagerstown or nothing, because it's what Mom wants.

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Updatey-shaped thing! Yay! Turns out I'm literally one point off what I need to make for my KEYS test. And not in math, surprisingly enough, but in reading diagrams and isn't that about bizarre? But! It doesn't matter as much, right now, because the next EMT I class starts in January and I've got a shitton of time to retake it. Woo.

Apparently a boy at work has been asking after me. And I'm kinda. I don't know. I know he's an artist, and a local, and related to the guy who owns the pizza place. That's pretty much it. He's nice and built like a brick shit house, and has been asking the other folks about the pretty red haired girl. *shrug* And people from school that I barely remember are coming in now-and know where I live and remember my name, and holy shit was I more popular than I thought? Not hard in a class of barely hitting triple digits, but whatever.

Work is work-OK for what it is but still shitty. I'm looking into finding a proper job, with more than minimum wage pay and maybe even benefits. Woo! Until then, IDK, I guess I'mma keep downloading fic and reading between customers.

Also-I'm two weeks into an epic Destiel binge. If I've friended you recently and you toddle over here to find out who that weird new name is? Hi! Don't worry, I don't bite without permission.

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Ugh. This is me, sick as hell and ramping up into a nasty sinus infection. Two days before my big “get into EMT class” test. Awesome.

I feel like I’ve slept more than I’ve been awake for the last three days, and I’mma go have peach, take a shower, and sleep some more. Me and my tissues and box of Zicam.

Didn't watch DW tonight. May go watch SPN or Farscape reruns instead (asdfghjkl stupid netflix took my SG:SG1 and Atlantis away! Bastards!) At least, you know, til I pass out again.
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